Paige Cornetet, author of The Louse in the House, The Hen in the Pen, and other upcoming children’s financial-themed books, created the Spend-Then series to help educate and inspire future generations about wealth-related concepts. These novels are resources from her company, Millennial Guru, which helps people transform their talents into strengths, ideas into execution, and emotions into capital through workshops & trainings.


The louse in the house

Who are these elephants?

What do they do in each neighbors' house?

Are they good or bad?

Could they make you sad?

Meet two different neighbors who have contrast ideas about what to do with the elephants. Learn about how to handle the elephants, and why you should not have them in your house in the first place!

the hen in the pen

What are the chickens?

Why are the eggs important?

Learn more in Paige’s upcoming addition to her financial children’s book series. Investment in knowledge pays the best interest!


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Throughout her childhood, Paige’s father held ‘dad’s classes’ to help his children understand a variety of financial concepts. The ideas from those classes inspired her to write a series of children’s books to simplify complicated concepts such as debt, principle, talents, taxes, and the economy.

She believes exposure to these concepts at an early age gives kids a head start in grasping more complicated financial concepts later. She hopes her books will clarify these themes for kids – and knows that if kids can grasp them, anyone can.