Discover Who We Are

We're Millennial Guru, and we're here to help you rock your workforce!


Paige Cornetet

Chief Millennial officer 

The founder of Millennial Guru, Paige works diligently with both organizations and millennials to help companies harness the power of a younger, ambitious, and seriously talented workforce. With her team by her side (and yours!) there's nothing your workforce can't do. 


Colleen Mitchell


Inspired by three decades of service throughout the public, private, and social sectors, Colleen uniquely applies her leadership experience at the innovation nexus of the sectors. Plus she is a strategic go-getter lady with unlimited ideas and knowledge.


Kaitlyn Christensen

Director of First Impressions

She makes all the plates spin in sequence without any of them dropping. Kaitlyn uses her people skills and consistency talents to communicate in all directions. On top of being a badass, she is incredibly reliable and kind to work with. She is a millennial with a big heart. 

Our team

We're a team of fun, compassionate, and creative professionals with the skills, expertise, and knowledge your team needs to discover the power of harnessing a millennial workforce. We also happen to love guiding millennials and acting as personal, kick-a$$ gurus!


Our services

At Millennial Guru, we offer more than just workshops and training. Working closely with both leaders and millennials, we provide speaking opportunities, leadership coaching, company philanthropy assistance, and guru services for tomorrow's leaders and discover their strengths.

Our ethos

We believe in today's leaders, and the future ones they mold. The go-getters, passionate creatives, innovative dreamers, and the inspirational mentors helping them achieve their goals. That's why our services and workshops are tailored to both leaders and their millennial workforce. It takes two to tango, and we believe leaders and millennials are the perfect pairing!