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As a certified Gallup StrengthFinders coach and engaging speaker, Paige works with business owners, leaders, and millennials to help executives discover the tools and skills they need to work cohesively with their multifaceted teams. Through individual coaching, workshops & training, and bespoke speaking engagements, Paige helps executives shape tomorrow's leaders and discover their strengths. 


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Captivating speaker, certified coach & mentor, and millennial guru Paige Cornetet loves what she does and does what she loves: helping both leaders and millennials discover their strengths and build communities which foster successful companies. Her fresh and engaging approach to coaching executives and teams encourages confidence and inspires better leader-millennial relationships. It's time you discovered your strengths. 

A certified Gallup StrengthFinders 2.0 coach and speaker, Paige is proud to work with innovative executives, ambitious millennials, and passionate teams which help build companies that matter

Working with both leaders and millennials, Paige offers bespoke workshop, training, and speaking services to help you rock the workforce. Our goal? Help companies & leaders hire and inspire millennials, so they can develop the skills, tools, and confidence both bosses and millennials need to succeed.




I had a wonderful experience in my coaching session with Paige. She helped explain how my strengths identified in the StrengthsFinder survey could be applied to help me professionally and personally. After discussing my key strengths, we brainstormed three specific goals for my business to help fuel sustainable growth. One of which she helped coach me to achieve the next week! I’d highly recommend her if you are looking to help yourself harness your natural talents to achieve great results.
— Kelly May, CEO of May Strategy Group LLC
Paige is a hardworking, top-performing professional. Her workshops are uplifting and interesting. She has my highest recommendation.
— Nikki Key, General Manager of Greenhouse Fabrics
Thank you very much for coaching me. It has been really helpful for me to realize where I should focus my energy. As I mentioned, I believe that every individual should identify her/his strengths in order to be successful in any area of life. Thank you for your encouragement. It is very exciting to envision the horizon full of possibilities and opportunities.
— Guillermo Cisneros, Director of the West Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

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