Financial Coaching


This workshop provides financial education to the clients of Financial Advisors and families with significant financial assets. Through the training, your clients or family will learn about wealth-related themes like stewardship, investing, insurance, accounting, taxes, banking, debt, estates, trusts, philanthropy and much more. We help ensure that your clients’ legacies endure through the successful transfer of assets.

Team Building


In this strengths-based approach to team building, we focus on how you can capitalize on your biggest asset: your employees.

Choose from half-day, whole-day, or two-day training sessions, in which we analyze each person’s strengths, using the CliftonStrengths assessment, then do a variety of activities through which employees learn methods for practical application.

Every employee leaves the workshop understanding their strengths and how they dovetail with the strengths of their co-workers, so they can work together to achieve their own and the company’s goals.

Design Thinking


In this workshop, Millennial Guru works with teams of employees to help them realize a specific goal. Our Design Thinking Workshop isn’t your typical brainstorming session. It’s a unique, high-level approach designed to foster creativity and provide creative space.

In addition to generating innovative ideas, the Design Thinking workshop strengthens relationships and fosters team cohesiveness. Clients of the Design Thinking Workshop come away with fresh ideas, solid action plans, and highly-engaged employees who have tangibly contributed to company strategy.

Custom Workshops


Millennial Guru specializes in designing and delivering fully customized workshops based on your company’s specific needs.

Our workshops have helped clients create mission statements, prioritize goals, manage multiple-generation teams, and navigate change management. We inspire innovation, help employees reach their full potential, and help companies achieve their goals.


Discover Who We Are

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Paige Cornetet


Paige Cornetet is a fourth-generation business owner, founder of Millennial Guru, an author, speaker, and workshop facilitator who helps organizations grow by developing human and intellectual capital.

When you hire Paige, you get a dynamic speaker with contagious energy who understands how to engage audiences. Through her workshops, Paige helps CEOs, owners, and managers tap into and maximize their employees’ strengths.

Clients whose employees participate in her workshops see numerous benefits, including more innovation, improved employee productivity, efficiency across departments, better project management, higher levels of employee satisfaction and higher retention percentages.

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Colleen Mitchell


Inspired by three decades of service throughout the public, private, and social sectors, Colleen creatively applies her leadership experience at the innovation nexus of the sectors. She’s also a strategic go-getter with unlimited ideas and knowledge to share

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Kaitlyn Christensen


Kaitlyn makes all the Millennial Guru plates spin in sequence without dropping any of them drop. She uses her people skills and consistency talents to communicate in all directions. A millennial with a big heart, she’s also incredibly kind and exceptionally reliable.