Executive Advising

A great leader recognizes the impact their role has on their workforce and utilizes their position to empower those around them. Whether you own and operate your own business, manage an enterprise, or are in the midst of launching the next big startup, our Executive Advising service will provide you with the foundational skills and tools you need to truly succeed as a leader and inspire your workforce.


Speaking Engagements

Our bespoke presentations and speaking services are crafted to the individual needs of various companies and their leaders. We seek to motivate and inspire your workforce with an innovative approach to working collaboratively with you. Your team will love an truly benefit from our unique expertise and knowledge!



Our workshops and training services are carefully curated to help ignite a passion in your team for the work they do and the goals they achieve. Whether you're a leader or millennial, we equip you with the tools you need to engage with your team, work for efficiently, and effectively rock your workplace. With Millennial Guru, you have the opportunity to build stronger teams and partnerships you never thought possible. 


Training for Modern Companies

At Millennial Guru, we believe in the power of modern workforces which embrace the unique diversity of their employees. That's why our services are developed not only for leaders and millennials, but for all employees. Contact us to discover more about our unique approach!