Capitalizing on the Strengths of Intensely Driven Employees

The Strength of Achiever

At Millennial Guru, we use CliftonStrengths to help you identify each team member’s top 5 strengths, which are divided into 4 overarching categories: Executing, Influencing, Relationship Building, and Strategic Thinking.

In this next series of 4 posts, we’re going to focus on how you can maximize the power of having team members with strengths in the Executing category. These are your “get-it-done” type of employees, who work tirelessly to meet goals.


Recognizing an Achiever

If your employee has Achiever as one of their top 5 CliftonStrengths, which falls in the “Executing” category, you’ll likely know it because they know how to make things happen. They complete tasks easily, love to set goals, and derive energy from checking things off their list.

Completing projects is huge for them. They’re inclined to be uber-goal oriented and neglect to celebrate when they hit a goal—they’re already thinking about how to tackle the next one.

You won’t want to micromanage an Achiever. They like having the freedom to work at their own pace. Rest assured, they’ll get the job done. They love to cross the finish line!

How the Achiever strength might pose difficulty on your team

These team members work hard and take immense satisfaction from being productive. That’s awesome, right? Yes. It’s good for your company and its bottom line.

However, while their intensity and stamina is a boon to your team, it can be off-putting to others who don’t have or understand this strength. They could perceive this person as valuing work over people or as a relentless “slave-driver” leading to discord on your team. By identifying strengths—and potential obstacles—you can help an Achiever check her tendency to be a bit harsh with slower performers.

When your team recognizes one another’s strengths, they can make the most of the positives and minimize the potential drawbacks, leading them to be more efficient and productive.

Added bonus: you’ll encourage team harmony, too.

How you can capitalize on the Achiever strength 

Achievers love a very full “to-do” list, so don't hesitate to use that strength to your team’s advantage. You can shift responsibility to her if you have too much on your own plate, for example. Other ways you can make the most of an Achiever’s skill set:

·      Ask him to set goals with a clearly defined end.

·      Enable her to seek new opportunities and identify projects she’d like to manage.

·      Give him recognition for completing projects or reaching goals.

When you engage an Achiever by playing to her strengths, not only will you have a more engaged employee but she’s likely to experience an uptick on-the-job satisfaction as well.

How Millennial Guru can help

When you work with us to determine your team’s strengths, we do more than administer a personality quiz. We specialize in practical application and helping your team move forward with increased productivity.

Schedule a no-commitment-required appointment today to find out more about how we can help your team reach its full potential.

Paige Cornetet