How to Get the Most from Seriously Structured Employees

The Strength of Discipline

Do you have a member of your team who’s passionate about:

·      to-do lists,

·      having a plan, and

·      creating order?

If so, they may have the Executing strength of Discipline in their top 5 strengths. These folks don’t just like order, they LOVE it. They thrive on routine, structure and organization. It makes them incredibly happy when all of their ducks are in a perfect little row.

This is fantastic news for you, as a leader, because these people do not drop the ball. They’re dependable. They’re efficient managers of your resources. They plan with the best of them and—better yet—they follow the plan!

How can Discipline be a challenge on your team?

If you’re wondering how on earth having a person with the CliftonStrength of Discipline on your team could be a negative, you may not have worked with one.

If you have, you likely recognize that members of your team who don’t count Discipline among their top 5 strengths, often bump up against its structure and find it unyielding. They may view these co-workers, and their vast affection for systems and routines, as rigid and lacking vision. They can be seen as change averse (and, quite often, they are).


Head off trouble with these strategies

Age-old wisdom rings true in this situation: Seek first to understand!

When co-workers recognize and understand the tremendous assets that come with the strength of Discipline, it can alleviate some of the perceived negatives and help them appreciate how Discipline helps your team meet or exceed its goals.

By the same token, when those with the strength of Discipline understand the benefits that other strengths—like Ideation and Adaptability bring to the table—they are more able to appreciate those advantages and thrive as a member of the team.


Getting the most from employees with Discipline as a strength

·      Hit him with projects that involve precision and detail.

·      Give her deadlines, with as much advance notice as possible. Not only will she want to work ahead of schedule, she’ll be thrilled to meet the deadlines for you!

·      Think about where your customers and team could benefit from a streamlined process. Then appoint her to devise what you need.

Millennial Guru’s Got You Covered

Companies that focus on their employees’ strengths have significantly higher retention rates than companies that don’t.  We’d love to help your team identify its strengths, learn to capitalize on them, and improve employee satisfaction and retention.

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