Family Partnerships: Work Well Together, Live Well Together

Millennial Guru helps companies thrive but we help families, too, particularly families who work together in a business that’s a Family Partnership. When grown children and parents work together, side-by-side, they must deal with nuances that come with sharing business and life experiences, with all of their ups and downs. That means conflict at the office can bleed into family life, causing unnecessary problems at work and home.

But you don’t have to live with those kinds of problems just because your business is a Family Partnership! In fact, working together can bring you closer as a family when you focus on the right things.

When you work with Millennial Guru to discover each person’s CliftonStrengths, and subsequently make decisions based on those talents and strengths, it can lessen disharmony and improve connectedness and congruency both in and out of the office.


How Millennial Guru Can Help

Identifying and understanding individual talents

When you recognize your own strengths, it helps you become more self-aware and understand how you can best partner with others to use those skills—and tap their strengths, as well. It’s all about balancing strengths and weaknesses, using people’s natural talents; recognizing that you make a great team when each of you can contribute in a way that energizes you.

Placing The Right People in the Right Positions

If you discover that one of your family members is off the charts with the CliftonStrength of Winning Others Over (WOO), for example, you’d be wise to put them into a role where they’re making connections and building relationships with clients, not behind a desk crunching numbers.

Similarly, if you need someone to make tough decisions, day in and day out, you’ll want to be sure you choose a family member who has one or more of the Executing CliftonStrengths in their top 5 talents.

Being Successful as a family, not just as a family business

Everyone is different, even in a family.  When you recognize each other’s strengths, it makes it easier to appreciate what each person brings to the table. Organizing roles around those strengths and allowing each family member to use the skills they’re really good at helps them feel respected and appreciated. Everyone feels like they have a purpose, their abilities are being used, and that they play an important role in the businesses.

This type of intentional, thoughtful, strength-based environment allows Family Partnerships to prosper in a positive context. And, most importantly, when everyone understands how they best contribute and the work is ordered accordingly, your family can navigate the difficulties of running a business each day and not go to bed angry—an essential ingredient for successful Family Partnerships!

Ready to get started? Schedule a free consultation with Millennial Guru today to find out how we can help your Family Partnership, and your family relationships, flourish.

Paige Cornetet