Millennial Guru in the New York Times!


Super exciting newsflash: We were quoted in the New York Times last week.

Isn’t that fantastic?

The article, Small Businesses Have a New Tax Break, but There Are Many ‘Ifs’, addresses the 2017 tax bill that provides a 20 percent deduction for “qualified business income.’

In the article, I talk about how the breaks from the new tax bill have enabled me to hire a full-time assistant, which allows me to focus on more strategic concepts and goals. Or, as it says in the New York Times article, “to stay in my lane.”


The article also quotes Greg Rosica, a partner in Ernst & Young’s private client services who’s has helped me figure out what the tax breaks are in the bill, whether they apply to Millennial Guru, and, when they do, how to take advantage of them.

Rosica works with private companies, entrepreneurs and family offices in helping them from a holistic planning perspective. “Many small business like Millennial Guru will be able to take advantage of several of the new tax law changes,” says Rosica, “to help provide more cash flow that they can reinvest in their business.”


You can read the full New York Times article here. Follow #MillennialGurus on Instagram to see the photo of me that originally ran with the online piece.

Paige Cornetet