Maximize human capital: Learn how to make the most of your employees’ strengths

We recently discussed the 3 types of capital: human, intellectual, and financial. We focused on understanding each of our 3 types of capital and using those in conjunction with our natural talents and strengths to share our gifts, perform better at work and play, and live life more fully.

You may have thought about your own personal capital and how your strengths manifest at work. That type of self-analysis is invaluable for continued personal and professional growth.

But it’s just as important for leaders to recognize the capital their employees bring to the workplace and even more important to foster those strengths.

Why Does Understanding Human Capital Matter for Leaders?

 As a quick reminder, human capital is your employees’ inherent skill set. It’s the thing they’re instinctually good at.

When employees know their CliftonStrengths, it allows them to tap into the things they naturally do well and to excel at them.


In order for your team to excel at work, you have to continuously invest in their talents and them to learn and refine new skills and knowledge. When you commit to helping them grow—which takes time and money—you’ll reap the rewards over and over.


Here’s the formula:

Developing employees in ways that allow them to

do work that suits their skill set, personality, and natural talents


Employees who tend to be high performing and

happy—exactly the kind of people you want to retain for the long haul


As you consider how to accomplish this for your team, ask yourself: 

  • Do I understand my employees CliftonStrengths and the human and intellectual capital they bring to my team?

  • Do we invest time and money to help them understand and develop their strengths?

  • How am I allowing them time to grow their skills and knowledge?

  • Am I putting them in roles, on teams, and on projects that tap into those strengths?

  • Do I listen to employees’ ideas about how they can use their strengths to help the company’s bottom line?

How Millennial Guru Can Help

For starters, we can assess your employees’ CliftonStrengths—that’s a key component of understanding how to maximize productivity and give people work that energizes them.

But we thrive on going far beyond data. We build customized workshops to help you and your employees understand how to capitalize on those strengths. Contact Millennial Guru today for a free consultation to find out how we can help you leverage your employees’ strengths and see serious results.