The CliftonStrength of Futuristic


Does having an employee with the CliftonStrength called Futuristic mean they can see the future? Of course not! But it does mean you have someone on your staff who’s forward thinking, who sees the business as it could be, not just as it is today. When you tap into this strength you gain insight into ideas and possibilities for new products and growth that you may not consider otherwise.

My friend, Abi, has the CliftonStrength of Futuristic and it’s perfect for someone with her job. She’s a fashion designer who helps choose fabrics for baby strollers and more. Not only is she creative, but her Futuristic strength allows her to visualize myriad opportunities – she’s constantly inspired by visions of future product possibilities.

This strength comes in handy because her job requires forecasting trends a year and a half in advance! As Abi meets with designers, implementers, manufacturers, and more – all of the key people involved with bringing the products to market – she’s able to use her Futuristic talent to its full extent. She can easily envision, explain, draw and demonstrate the end products to the entire team, even that far in advance.


Benefits of Having These Employees on Your Team

Consider yourself fortunate if this type of person works for you. They’re full of inspiration and are the ideal candidate to help you think through future projects or goals, whether it’s designing something or creating something.

Be sure to seek input from this employee when you have a project in the start-up phase. They’ll energize the entire team with their long-term visions for the project.

Encouraging Employees with the CliftonStrength of Futuristic

The best thing you can do for these employees is to give them space to think and dream, and to embrace the contributions they make to your future success.

Lots of whiteboards are helpful! Employees with the CliftonStrength of Futuristic love to sketch ideas and plans for potential projects. Having them present the ideas to other employees is a great idea: their energy is contagious!


Avoiding Potential Conflict

Once a new project is underway, it’s time for these employees to hand it off. Their strength is imagining and envisioning the new idea, not in seeing it come to fruition. Employees with strong executing talents will be better suited to that role.

Instead, allow them to focus on the start-up phase of projects. As projects progress, they can use their strength to make suggestions about to improve projects and give ideas for future enhancements. Asking them those types of questions excites and motivates them.

These employees can also be helpful when you’re looking at systems and processes. Rather than doing things the way they’ve always been done, they can help you do things differently—and better. Just ask them!

How Millennial Guru can help

At Millennial Guru, we use CliftonStrengths to help each person on your team identify their natural talents. But we don’t just leave it there! We provide practical application instruction, so everyone understands how they can use those strengths in the workplace.

Contact us today to schedule a no-commitment-required appointment and learn more about how you can empower your team, foster success, increase productivity and meet your goals!

Paige Cornetet