Why Your Business Needs an Actionable Mission Statement


At Millennial Guru, we use CliftonStrengths to help companies thrive by identifying their employees’ natural talents and turning them into strengths they can use to benefit the company.


This approach works because your strengths impact how you interpret actions and perform tasks. They determine the way you innately function, interact with others and tackle problems. When people can tap into their strengths at work, they’re more motivated and you see better results. It’s a win-win!

We also help companies develop mission statements based on their employees’ strengths. Doing so is powerful because when you capitalize on their strengths, you get the best of the people who are working to make your business better—to fulfill your mission—every single day.

One of my clients, 21 Handshake, is a marketing firm that specializes in helping building trade-related businesses grow their digital presence by telling their stories online. They boost brand recognition for their clients and create digital handshakes that lead to new sales and repeat business. 21 Handshake and Millennial Guru worked together to create an actionable mission statement, customized to their unique strengths as a company.


We started by identifying everyone’s individual talents and how to turn them into strengths both personally and professionally. Focusing on those strengths, 21 Handshake created a five-sentence mission statement, each with a related value and associated action they could take to help them execute their mission.

Here’s what it looks like in action—these are the five sentences of their mission statement, along with the corresponding values and actions:


1. Mission Statement sentence: We empower you to create the experience that is best for your business - one view, one person, one moment at a time.


Related action: As a part of their marketing strategy, 21 Handshake wants to empower and inspire clients to share their stories. They use those stories to help clients generate more business by clearly communicating clients’ messages through content, social media campaigns, video, websites, and more.

2. Mission Statement sentence: As a team that has worked with many companies in the building niche for years, we understand nuances that others in our world may not.



Related action: Because 21 Handshake’s founder has a background in the building trade, which is the market they serve, they have a solid understanding of their clients’ businesses. They understand its nuances, speak its language and employ their knowledge to create and execute outstanding brand plans for their clients.

3. Mission Statement sentence: We create an effective playbook that maximizes your resources to achieve your goals.


Related action: Before 21 Handshake designs a single aspect of any marketing campaign, they hold a big-picture brainstorm strategy session with each client to discover the “why” behind their ideas and to understand their target audience, intended goals, expectations, and more.

4. Mission Statement sentence: Our best clients view us as a collaborative extension of their business.


Related action: 21 Handshake’s employees actively engage with each account and frequently communicate information about the current campaign and related statistics. They continuously evaluate, adapt, and update their marketing strategies to provide optimum results.

5. Mission Statement sentence: Starting with what you want to achieve, we are able to lay the foundation for your custom blueprint.

Value: GOALS

Related action: In order to create an effective strategy, 21 Handshake begins with the end in mind. They ascertain, in depth, what their clients’ goals are, then design a marketing strategy to most effectively help them meet those goals.


Creating Your Actionable Mission Statement

Does this idea resonate with you? Are you already thinking about how you could create an actionable mission statement for your business?

Millennial Guru would love to help! Let’s talk about creating an actionable mission statement that can empower, transform, and motivate your employees to produce high-caliber results.

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Paige Cornetet