The Benefits of Having the CliftonStrength of Input

How these inquisitive collectors can help your company meet its goals


My mother loves to visit museums. She listens to the tours on the headphones, takes in all of the information, and then loves to come home and tell us all about it.

My brother is a history buff and, if my mom gets a fact wrong (which happens from time to time, when you’ve been listening to headphones for hours) my brother will correct her. He doesn’t do this to be disrespectful but because he’s wired to collect and recall information and to share the correct information when he has the chance.

He’s wired this way because Input is among my brother’s top five CliftonStrengths. Like my brother, people with the CliftonStrength of Input have a strong need to collect and archive, whether it’s information, ideas, or objects. They also like to make sure people have the correct information when they’re sharing it with others.

What “Input” Brings to the Table

Having someone with Input on your staff can be extremely valuable. They have minds like a sponge and love to soak up and share relevant, useful information, curate resources, and tackle research for projects.

They tend to be knowledgeable about a wide variety of topics and exceptionally well read. Having them on your staff ensures that you’ll always have someone who wants to research and share pertinent information to help the company meet its goals.


Getting the Most from Employees with the CliftonStrength of Input

When you have an employee with this strength, it’s important to take advantage of their natural talent by putting them in roles that require them to gather information.

They’d be the perfect person to tap for a competitor research project or to research various marketing tools, for example. They love collect, retain, and disseminate information and will be excellent at summarizing the pros and cons of any project.

One important note is that these employees enjoy learning and collecting/sharing information with a purpose. They want their effort to contribute to the company’s success — they’re not interested in research for the sake of research or busy work.

Because they also like to share information, these employees might also make excellent corporate trainers, depending on their other top CliftonStrengths.

Millennial Guru Can Help You Maximize Your Employees’ Strengths

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Paige Cornetet