The CliftonStrength of Intellection: Let Me Think About That


If you know me, you know this: I love people! Surround me with a crowd of strangers and I’m in my element. Winning Others Over (WOO) my top CliftonStrength and there are few things I love more than meeting, engaging with, and talking to others—it gives me incredible energy!

Contrast that to a woman I met years ago, when I was getting my coaching license. Shelly was my training partner and had Intellection as her top CliftonStrength. I remember being surprised the day she told me that she went to her room during our lunch breaks to have quiet time to reflect. I thought, “What? Why?”

I learned a valuable lesson when she explained that she felt rejuvenated after taking that time to quietly think things through. It gave her energy to do so, quite the opposite of what’s true for me.

In that moment, I realized the important role our CliftonStrengths play in allowing us to bring our best efforts, and our best selves, to our private and work lives. The way we recharge, the things that give us energy, can vary dramatically depending on those strengths. Recognizing that truth was a huge “Aha moment!” for me.


Tapping into the CliftonStrength of Intellection

As a manager, if you have employees with the CliftonStrength of Intellection, and you want to encourage their peak performance, it’s imperative to give them time to contemplate work-related issues.

These employees abhor a thoughtless approach—that’s why they appreciate time to consider all the ideas and angles of whatever they’re working on. By giving them little time to ruminate about concepts, projects, and presentations, they’ll give you better feedback, provide more insight, and you’ll see improved performance overall.

Potential conflicts

Because people with the CliftonStrength of Intellection tend to be introspective, others might view them as isolated and aloof. In reality, they just don’t respond immediately. Instead, they’re listening and thinking.

To head off misunderstanding that could lead to conflict, it’s helpful to address each team members’ strengths, so that co-workers understand the benefit someone with Intellection brings to the team.

It also helps set expectations. If co-workers know that person needs time to think and reflect, they’re more likely to understand that their co-worker isn’t intentionally being aloof, but considering various options before responding.


How Millennial Guru Can Help You Boost Productivity

When you hire Millennial Guru, we listen first. We want to identify and understand your goals so we can tailor our approach to fit your needs.

We begin by administering the CliftonStrengths personality assessment because we recognize that teams perform more effectively and efficiently when each employee understands their own strengths as well as their co-workers strengths.

But our business isn’t assessing personalities. We work with you to strategically and practically apply that information to help your employees capitalize on one another’s strengths and achieve maximum productivity.

Contact Millennial Guru today for a free consultation to find out more about how we can help you empower, transform, and motivate your team to produce high-caliber results.

Paige Cornetet