How Does CliftonStrengths Compare to Other Personality Assessments?


I love personality assessments! CliftonStrengths, Myers-Briggs, DiSC, Enneagram, YouScience and so many others exist to help us understand ourselves better so we can pursue meaningful lives. What’s not to love?

What’s the difference?

You can probably find multiple articles comparing each type of assessment to another. Each one provides users with information about themselves based on a particular theory. Because they all have their own nuances, I view them as more symbiotic than competitive.

The Enneagram, for example, seems to be more spiritually based than others. I think the Myers-Briggs is great at identifying broad characteristics. At Millennial Guru, we use CliftonStrengths to begin our workshop trainings.

The Strengths of CliftonStrengths

What I like most about the CliftonStrengths is that it focuses on the positive aspects of a each individual’s personality, provides a great amount of detail, and uses a familiar language (Achiever or Empathy, for example).

Furthermore, when we use CliftonStrengths, we can provide concrete action steps to help people answer the very important question, “Okay, these are my strengths. Now what?” We don’t just want people to know their strengths; we want them to be able to apply their strengths in practical ways.


How Can Leaders Use CliftonStrengths

When your employees take any assessment, it’s a helpful analysis that examines how they’re wired. But as a CEO, business owner, or manager, it’s most beneficial for your business when employees know how to take action based on that information.

For example, one of my business partners and I printed our CliftonStrengths and laid them side by side. We analyzed the strengths we shared and how our different strengths complemented each other. Using that information, we created professional goals based on the skills we’re inherently good at, so we can focus on things that make us happy and effective at work.

You can use your employees’ CliftonStrength information in a similar manner. Knowing this information helps you clarify what they’re naturally good at, what makes them tick, and what gives them energy.

When you understand what drives your employees, it’s a powerful tool. You’re then able to make the most of your human capital because you can place people in roles where they’ll be most productive and most effective.

How Millennial Guru Can Help

At Millennial Guru, we don’t just give you data. We use the CliftonStrength personality assessment to help your employees identify their own strengths.

Just as importantly, we use that information to work with groups of employees, so they can learn how to tap into one another’s strengths.

Then we provide a full analysis to help your employees and your business create goals based on your team’s strengths. We work with you to create tangible action plans, customized for your business, using those strengths.

Contact us today to find out more about our approach. We’d love to empower your employees to maximize their productivity so they can more effectively impact your company’s bottom line.

Paige Cornetet