The Louse in the House: How to Get Your Copy!

What a fantastic couple of weeks!

The reception of my first children’s book, The Louse in the House, has been more enthusiastic than I ever imagined. I’ve lost count of how many cute photos have been posted on Instagram of little ones reading it!

I need 4 right now, one for each of my grandchildren.” – enthusiastic grandma in Florida

“Can I order a couple of cases for my clients?” – financial advisor from Dallas

“After we read the book, my 10-year old son saw a credit card offer that came in the mail and he made the connection right away. It was like a light went off!” – a client’s employee in North Carolina

Photo Mar 26, 12 01 28 PM.jpg

The Louse in the House tells the story of Mrs. Spend Then and Mrs. Spend Now in a beautifully illustrated, light-hearted manner. Through this story—and others on the horizon—I hope to help kids of all ages understand basic financial principles. Using elephants as a metaphor for debt, The Louse in the House reminds readers of the potential long-term negative impact carrying debt can have on a household.

I was fortunate enough to have parents who taught us financial principles from a young age. Through my father’s weekly “Dad’s Class,” we learned about saving, dividends, investing, and more. I wanted to share those concepts by breaking them down into bite-sized tangible ideas through a series of children’s book, of which The Louse in the House is the first. 

The book makes a wonderful client gift for Financial Advisors and Trust and Estate Lawyers. As you hand out the books to your clients for their children and grandchildren, it also provides an easy segue for you to have an educational conversation with your client about their own debt.

Ready to get your own copies? We’ve made it easy—when you click here, it will take you right to the ordering page on our website. Click the cover of the book then enter the number of books you’d like!

The books are $25 each, with FREE shipping & handling. But if you order an entire box of 26, your total cost is just $500—a savings of $150 over the individual book price!

Happy reading….and be sure to keep those elephants out of your house!

Paige Cornetet