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We transform your team through your talents.


Who We Are

Millennial Guru is an innovative, passionate, and creative team that helps clients capitalize on the skills of their most valuable resource: their people. Our approach focuses on identifying people’s natural strengths and how to effectively use them in the workplace. By providing practical application strategies, we empower, transform, and motivate your team to produce high-caliber results.



We deliver individual and team coaching, workshops, and speaking engagements on a number of topics, including design thinking, team building, and much more. Millennial Guru also provides coaching on the principles of wealth management to clients of Financial Advisors, adding an important service to those relationships.

In general, our programming begins by identifying employee’s strengths. But because it’s designed to help companies boost overall efficiency and effectiveness, we don’t just talk about ideas. Millennial Guru teaches employees defined techniques to tap into their strengths and improve performance so companies see maximum bottom line results.


Our Stories

We share stories about how companies retain, hire, inspire, and get the most from their employees. Our topics vary widely, from family partnerships and managing conflict to talking about Why Your Business Needs an Actionable Mission Statement and Multi-Generational Strengths in the Workplace. We strongly believe that growing financial capital starts by investing in human capital. Follow our stories to learn more about what we do and how we can help your business thrive.


Companies We Have Worked With:



On Mike with Jordan Rich - Millennials

Jordan Rich expands on the term Millennial, and the complexity that this generation is and what we have to offer the world! He celebrates the work of Paige and Rachel from Millie.


Paige is a fourth generation family business owner and she’s involved in her family’s council. She’s also an entrepreneur who runs her own business, Millennial Guru. Paige shares the purposeful activities her parents used to prepare her and her siblings for success in business.



Discussion with Ellie, Colleen and Paige with their conversation demonstrates how their generation and life experiences influence their views on giving back and how they approach philanthropy.


Tim and Paige discuss the impact a Montessori education had on Paige’s childhood and how it molded her career!