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Working with Millennial Guru

Millennial Guru Founder, Paige Cornetet, is a fourth-generation business owner, an author, speaker, and workshop facilitator who believes your employees are your most valuable resource. She helps organizations grow by developing human and intellectual capital.

When you hire Paige as a speaker or workshop facilitator, Paige you get a dynamic presenter with contagious energy, who understands how to engage audiences. Through her workshops, Paige helps CEOs, owners, and managers tap into their employees’ strengths. Client companies see more innovation, improved employee productivity, efficiency across departments, better project management, higher levels of employee satisfaction and higher retention percentages.

As an author, Paige focuses on helping children of all ages grasp critical financial concepts. Her first book, The Louse in the House, helps readers understand the pitfalls of debt as well as how and why to avoid it. The second book in the series, Hen in the Pen, introduces the concept of investing and illustrates the beauty of compound interest. More books to follow!


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